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Mapping Medicine is dedicated to the investigation of holistic and shamanic therapies and medicines. We are accompanying a global shift in the area of health and medicine, where the individual is reclaiming health in all aspects of his life, and begins to see it as a complex process that involves body, mind and soul. This is a welcome turn towards a more inclusive understanding of health, as connected to our feelings, thoughts and spiritual aspects.
At Mapping Medicine we bring together ancestral healing knowledge with the cutting edge scientific research in the area. Thereby making way for a spirit science that truly does justice to the human reality. We are fortunate to still have native tribes around, that have maintained their ancestral knowledge and are willing to share it with us westerners. The indigenous tribes of today are timely teachers for a humanity in crisis and the western world has a lot to learn from them in terms of community, medicine, spirituality and ecology. We honour various aspects of native culture, that’s why you can for example find a section on medicine music on this site.
We feature articles and interviews with shamans, scientists and health practitioners of all kinds who help us understand the multifaceted process of disease and healing and how medicines can be used safely.
Our vision is to create a roadmap that helps you along your journey of health and healing.
Set your sails and navigate with Mapping Medicine!
Botanical Illustrations by Donna Torres -> visit the artist’s site