The Huni Kuin Science of Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca the hallucinogenic plant brew originated in the Amazon basin. It is the indigenous tribes of that area that have discovered the formula for the medicine, which in itself is already a mystery. Ayahuasca is made from two different plant species: the leaves of the chacruna bush (Psychotria viridis) and the stems of a vine (Banisteriopsis caapi). Only the combination of these two plants, cooked for hours, unlocks the psychedelic and visionary qualities of the brew. The vine provides alkaloids that inhibit the destruction of DMT, the actual psychoactive chemical which is found in the leaf, in the human gut, making it accessible for absportion into the bloodstream and ultimately the brain.

How did these tribes know which plants to combine when there are some 40,000 different plant species found in the Amazon rainforest and how did they know, that they needed to be cooked for hours in order to achieve a psychedelic effect in the human body? It is a mystery to western science. The indigenous of course know that they received the instructions from the plants themselves. And we should take them serious. Indigenous cultures are oral cultures, they don’t have a written history nor a western style science. But the time it takes to become a shaman and the rigorous practices connected to it can be likened to the time a doctor spends in school and university. The healing work of a shaman and the work with plants in indigenous cultures are very similar to processes in science. They are based on experience, re-evaluation and best practice. Science creates objective knowledge based on trials and assumptions, that are tested to see if they are reproduceable, and if not, correctable. In this way we can achieve and open exchange of objective information. The indigenous traditionally don’t have laboratories nor books but their methods are scientific and interpersonally verifiable.

For the Huni Kuin people Ayahuasca plays a central role in their culture, even their creation myth speaks of how the knowledge of Ayahuasca came to them through the mythical first shaman, Yube. Yube fell in love with an anaconda women and went with her to the bottom of a lake, where she taught him all the secrets of the sacred plant medicines. After having children with the anaconda woman Yube returns a few years later to his old village and brings with him the knowledge of the sacred plant medicines.

A western person who wants to know more about the Ayahuasca medicine is well advised to make the journey into the Amazon and learn with the indigenous plant medicine and healing experts.

Txana Ixã Huni Kuin is a Pajé or a traditional plant healer as well as a political and cultural authority of the Huni Kuin People, in Altamira village, Tarauacá River, Acre, Brazil.
He speaks about the healing qualities of Ayahuasca, the necessity of plant diets and why western people who want to drink Ayahuasca should come to the Amazon.

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Six years ago I, I had just turned 27, I received my master’s degree in Anthropology. At that moment I was supposed to transition into a working life mode. My passion was with documentary film making, which had been a substantial part of my education. I imagined how a job in that field would be like: I saw myself taking the metro everyday to work, sitting in an office and realising other peoples’ ideas. My heart cramped up at this outlook on life. It just seemed wrong, I didn’t want to be stuck in a treadmill, executing other people’s ideas, I wanted to realise my own. So instead of looking for a job, I separated from my boyfriend, moved back in with my parents and began looking for myself. I spent 9 months exploring shamanism, meditation, systemic therapies, past-life therapies and meditation. I participated in a vision-quest and spend 4 days alone without food in a forest and encountered my deepest fear - the fear of death. I participated in camps that practiced community life and taught the way of the circle, the ancestral way of sharing oneself in a talking circle. I felt the power and the beauty of the shamanic approach and by the end of that year I finally encountered with the amazonian plant teacher ayahuasca. She showed me the perfect harmony of the universe and then she brought me all the way from Germany into the savanna of central Brazil, where I am based now. For the last 5 years I have been drinking a lot of Ayahuasca in various lineages, intensely exploring my Self. I passed through various crises and got stronger along the way. Since the plant medicines and healing modalities that I have encountered have helped me greatly on my path of deconditioning myself of everything alien to me and of becoming more and more who I am meant to be, I feel the call to share this information and my experiences with healing and medicine with more people. I wish for all of us to be conscious and openhearted human beings so we can co-create a new reality on this beautiful earth. Mapping Medicine is a project straight from my heart to yours. I hope it inspires you on your healing journey!